Prices of Love – TyeFoon

Prices of Love – TyeFoon


Prices of Love – TyeFoon
?01. Beautiful
?02. If You Let Me
?03. Change Your Life
??04. Kissing on You
?05. Emoticon
?/?06. Good or Bad
?07. Change My Mind
??08. Make It for Real
?09. Keep Her
?10. Problem f. Dontaviou$
??11. Wanting You
Project is ass. Sounds like homie recorded it on a slip phone with a pop filter. Its like 30 minutes of this dude singing through his nose and his engineer just not helping him out. I wasnt here for it. Most of the production was painfully bad, like sharp, worse than that after concert no ear plug ring (I miss concerts). Its upsetting because the ideas are here, he couldve been on some smooth R&B drakey drake shit but the factors did not add up. This couldve sat in the oven longer but most of the blame might have to be on the sous chef. Throw this one out but with this being said I think the next one could be better.
2/10 – John D.


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