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YWN2 – Daboii

YWN2 – Daboii
YWN2 – Daboii
👎01. DaBoii Flow
😴02. Doves to Vultures (Ywn Anthem)
🚮03. Painting Pictures (f. OMB Peezy)
🚮04. Ride
👎05. Rocket Science (f. Slimmy B)
🚮06. Dumb
💩07. Bill Gatin
👎08. Trippin
😴09. Toxic(f. Mike Sherm)
👎10. Wrong Mindset
👎11. Gangsta (f. Mozzy)
💩12. I Love You Baby
👎13. IDK (🆗 f. Yung Pinch)
💩14. F**k the Police
💩15. Let It Marinate
He said “fuck the police, fuck them with no condom”… huhhhhh?… You know the cheap Casio keyboards when you can play the pre-made built in rap beats on it? That’s how every beat sounds on this. & Why he sound like he’s struggling to get his words out? I almost felt like I was even struggling to help him get his words out, but then I realized that I was the person listening to it and just felt like I had to help him. This was special… like retard special.
-15/10 – D
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