YWN2 – Daboii

YWN2 – Daboii


YWN2 – Daboii
?01. DaBoii Flow
?02. Doves to Vultures (Ywn Anthem)
?03. Painting Pictures (f. OMB Peezy)
?04. Ride
?05. Rocket Science (f. Slimmy B)
?06. Dumb
?07. Bill Gatin
?08. Trippin
?09. Toxic(f. Mike Sherm)
?10. Wrong Mindset
?11. Gangsta (f. Mozzy)
?12. I Love You Baby
?13. IDK (? f. Yung Pinch)
?14. F**k the Police
?15. Let It Marinate
He said “fuck the police, fuck them with no condom”… huhhhhh?… You know the cheap Casio keyboards when you can play the pre-made built in rap beats on it? That’s how every beat sounds on this. & Why he sound like he’s struggling to get his words out? I almost felt like I was even struggling to help him get his words out, but then I realized that I was the person listening to it and just felt like I had to help him. This was special… like retard special.
-15/10 – D


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