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711 – Kai Ca$h

711 – Kai Ca$h
711 – Kai Ca$h
🔥1. Hell of a Night
😴2. Blue
🌊3. Again (f. Only One Felipe)
😴4. Step (f. #TheSet)
👍5. Canvas
👎6. Back Doe (💩 f. CEO Trayle)
🔥7. Trinity
I don’t know why he only put fire tracks on the beginning and end but then filled the rest of the project with weak and boring tracks. Don’t get this review twisted, dude IS nice when he wants to be; it’s the project that’s not. If more records were like the other two this could have easily been at least a 7/8, but the other records ruined it for me. I’ll be waiting for the next one to see if it’s better.
5/10 – D
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