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Cole – Tayway

Cole – Tayway
Cole – Tayway
🌊01. I Am Legend
👍🏾02. Rock Out
🔥03. Tough Love
💤04. Hitman Holla
🌊05. No Agenda
👍🏾06. Trenches Baby f. Reezy & WHTM Tablo
🔥07. 4evasoildNFa
🌊08. Queen & Slim
🌊09. Under the Influence
💤10. F**k Ah N***a f. Lil Jay 3xx
🌊11. Resentment
🌊12. Forever Rains f. 1014 Bub
🌊13. Magic Trick
🆗14. Tappin f. Zhy$
👍🏾15. Quarantine Session
😴16. Inspiration From Dre
Project aint bad at all. Some issues with mixes some songs were dramatically louder than others. Theres really nothing outside the new age content minus the occasional emotional song like the closing but thats not his bag. He shines when hes keeping busy, just flowing non stop and not letting the beat breathe. It works and somehow manages to stay a vibe rather than seem too chaotic. The production is cool it fits the vibe, project is a bit too long but its not bad I can see this being chill background music so the fact its really like 2-3 big songs works to its benefit. If it aint broke don’t fix it. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.

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