The Things We Can’t Forgive – Slaine

The Things We Can’t Forgive – Slaine


The Things We Can’t Forgive – Slaine
?01. When the War Ends f. Ill Bill
?02. Everything Once f. Rite Hook
?03. Blurry Eyed f. Claire Whall
?04. Revolver (end scratches were heat)
?05. Wrath & Pride f. Snak the Ripper
?06. Chasing Ghosts f. Rite Hook
?07. Beautiful
?08. Not Enough f. Rite Hook
?09. The Things We Can’t Forgive f. Rite Hook
?10. Legend Of The Fall
Project starts on the gas and never lets up. Every song, every hook, every beat, every feature, every fucking line. I was invested and never really wanted to break from that. His cadence voice and delivery, the genre switchups on some of the hooks, the aggression, the realism. This project has so much, but what shines the most is the atmosphere. Not only does it feel heavy emotion wise, it still will make you add wrinkles to your face. I feel like the more you run this one back the more you will like it. On first listen this one fucking slapped. Best way to put it is like if you had some light Paz fused with old Em. Very heavy rotation.
9.8/10 – John D.


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