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Ascension – Fred the Godson

Ascension – Fred the Godson
Ascension – Fred the Godson
🌊1. Gracias (Ascension Theme)
🚒2. Aretha
🔥3. Ali
🔥4. Presidents
🌊5. On the Block (hook was a mess)
🔥6. I Shot Ya, Pt. II
🔥7. Filet N Garlic
🌊8. One of These Days
🔥9. Why Don’t You
Project is exactly what you need. Raps raps raps over some cold 90’s inspired even sampled instrumentals. All the features came with it. It all works, this shit is riddled with punchlines that will turn ya face into oatmeal cookies. Straight to the point, no fat or filler and one wack hook from a bootleg chris brown ruining a Michael Jackson classic hook. Its smooth, its got good pacing but its also good to hear NY at its finest. RIP to the legend.
In rotation.
8.5/10 – John D.
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