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In My Head – Enkay47

In My Head – Enkay47
In My Head – Enkay47
🔥01. Twenty 21 f. 🚒Luke Gawne
🚒02. Is That What You Wanted?
💎03. Dad
🚒04. Postcard
🔥05. I Hope You’re Good
🚒06. Rainfall
🔥07. Only One
🌊08. Tryna Be
🔥09. Sober
🔥10. Sometimes
🚒11. Nickel f. 100 Kufis
🔥12. In My Head f. Sarah Cleary
🔥13. The End f. Atlus
Project was flawless but ironically mentioned allot of his flaws. He didnt skip a beat. Top tier Pacing, Content, Production, Quality and Variety. It had everything in abundance. The features all added that cherry on top but he made the cake. Everything felt like it was handled with blood, sweat, tears, love, care and absolute pain. The best part is it is honest regardless of how dope he was rapping. He perfected his voice, and every cadence switch up and tone change showed that. Front to back this is an experience, whether its uncomfortable in content and truth or the fact that it also absolutely slaps. He made this for us. Give this dude his flowers. This what happens when you take your old NotYaManz reviews and grow but beyond our expectation. In rotation.
10/10 – John D.
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