New York Badlands – Manic TL

New York Badlands – Manic TL


New York Badlands – Manic TL
??1. Steve Rogers
??2. Salvador Dali f. ?Vic Marr
?3. Jeff Hardy
?4. McKinley Morganfield
?5. Kubla Kraus
?6. Sour Jack
?7. Otto Rocket
?8. Icebox Jones
Project is ok, very rough start, it was him fighting with some jarring production. Once you get past the first 2 tracks its more so him battling with snapping, coasting and a strange set of voices. He never lets up on the raps tho, he loses his mind for damn near every verse even if its a project full of flash raps. He shines brightest when he does the realistic flash rap on track 6. He overshines when hes just losing his mind not worry about hooks or anything. His feature ate his food on track 2 btw. The pacing is a bit off but its still solid, take off 3 songs and you have a super dope EP. With those included its just a solid project that couldve baked a bit longer.
6.5/10 – John D.


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