Shady Baby – Nechie

Shady Baby – Nechie

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Shady Baby – Nechie

?01. No Lackin
?02. High End
?03. Debate
?04. Stackin It
?05. Shady Park
?06. Like A Dream (f. Lil Durk)
?07. Hard Body
?08. No Dat
?09. ESPN
?10. Scars

I’m tired of hearing the same old shit. Just because it’s easy to do it, doesn’t mean you should. This is a prime example of that. There’s Nothing here. Listen to any new school shit and you heard this. It sounds like every track is a bad freestyle. Take your work seriously and start giving a fuck about the shit you put out. This fucking trend needs to go away for good. It’s not cool to be a rapper just because you like to listen to it.
0/10 – D.


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