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Shady Baby – Nechie

Shady Baby – Nechie

Shady Baby – Nechie

😴01. No Lackin
😴02. High End
🚮03. Debate
😴04. Stackin It
😴05. Shady Park
🚮06. Like A Dream (f. Lil Durk)
😴07. Hard Body
🚛08. No Dat
🚛09. ESPN
😴10. Scars

I’m tired of hearing the same old shit. Just because it’s easy to do it, doesn’t mean you should. This is a prime example of that. There’s Nothing here. Listen to any new school shit and you heard this. It sounds like every track is a bad freestyle. Take your work seriously and start giving a fuck about the shit you put out. This fucking trend needs to go away for good. It’s not cool to be a rapper just because you like to listen to it.
0/10 – D.

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