Sleazy Jesus – Lil Scampi

Sleazy Jesus – Lil Scampi


Sleazy Jesus – Lil Scampi
?1. TheIntroduction
?2. MollyWhop
?3. Jick Rames
?4. Stanky (f. Lil Nut)
?5. Flying F**k
?6. God Complex
I turned this on wanting to laugh then realized that this project isn’t meant to be a solid joke like the usual vibes put out by this dude and his camp. The quality and production are a big step up, so is his flow. There are times where he’s lyrically pretty dope and other times where it falls short and the delivery and lyrics got weak. If tracks 2 and 6 had more aggression in the delivery and some fine tuning to the lyrics they would’ve gotten better ratings but overall this wasn’t a bad project and definitely shows potential for future projects with more serious and lyrical tones.
5.5/10 – D


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