Uptown Baby – Rayne Storm

Uptown Baby – Rayne Storm

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?01. Showtime (Intro)
??02. Go Off f. Mankind
?03. Whoop f. Soulebrity
?04. Off My Corna f. Loudpack Dash
?05. Lookin’ At Me f. DecadeZ, Kony Brooks, Dxnny Dolphin & Millie Wong
?06. Stir It (Wok) f. Buddha718 & Soulebrity
?07. YNMM f. Loudpack Dash
?08. Kill It f. Luch Love
?09. 1000Naire f. Dizzy $padez
?10. Latifah f. Phoenixx
?11. Automatic f. Soulebrity
??12. Hotbox Anthem
?13. Pull
?14. All I Wanna Know f. Kazzy Raxx, Benji & Mdolla the Don
?15. Murda f. Verse Akalp & ?Mickey Factz
?16. Yada Yada f. Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard & Kazzy Raxx
?17. Cuttin’ Up f. Kelly Grinz
?18. B.I.G. Boy f. Drizzy $padez & Buck Madoff
?19. City In the Sky f. McGruff, Stan Spit & Phoenixx
?20. Give It 2 U f. Millie Wong
?21. Emotions
?22. Imagination f. Rose Jay
?23. Gettin’ Right f. Fever GT

This is the reverse of a project with a few throw aways on it. A majority of this should be thrown away. This dude decided to make black music to the Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack. Project has a handful of good songs, and a whole bunch of ass. Its 23 songs, so figure out that math. It doesnt try to get good towards the end. I highkey don’t know who is who on here, Idk what Rayne sounds like. Too many features that had to struggle on these Total Recall soundtrack beats. Its all clean but thats really eat, awful autotune or hook choices, some features were ass, or if they were dope they drowned on awful beats. Project is for cats who will talk to you about hip hop for hours and then Heely away from the conversation. Skip on this one.
3/10 – John D.


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