Gardner Express – Pressa

Gardner Express – Pressa

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Gardner Express – Pressa

? 1.Attachments (f. Taliban Glizzy)
? 2.Blackberry Zap
? 3.O.T.M (Out The Mud)
? 4.Ouija Board
? 5.Head Tap (f. ? Sleepy Hallow & ? Sheff G)
? 6.Dracula (f. Flipp Dinero)
? 7.96 Freestyle

This dude sounds like a Furby when the batteries are running low. This dude sounds like he’s 11 and his voice started cracking before it finally got low except it never got low and he was left stuck with mid-ball drop voice. This dude sounds like he’s crying the whole time but never says why. The only times it gets better is when the other artists pop in cause it gives us a break from one OZ’s munchkins from talking, but then it comes back in and I’m back to hoping I can fuckin go back to Kansas. It’s not good. Stop it.
0/10 – D



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