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Cardinal Sin – Sincerest Don

Cardinal Sin – Sincerest Don

Cardinal Sin – Sincerest Don

🌊1. Back To Back
🔥2. Something in the Water
🌊3. Super Hero Theme Music f. Big MArs & Rahz
🌊4. Len Bias
🔥5. Even Kill f. Avon Spaidz
👍🏾6. Frustrated
🌊7. Real is Back

Project is solid. The beats were solid minus track 6.
He doing his thing on each track too, dope cadence and delivery. The content is hear but he has this strange effect on this voice the entire project like enough reverb for it to stand out that I don’t think he needed. I don’t think it was bad but i couldnt help but really notice is. Hes talking street stuff tho, nothing too wild or exciting just straight to the point slick talk with above average delivery. It feels more like him talking nice to you man to man than like him rapping to entertain type shit. Fire tho I wasnt mad at it. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.



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