Every Veiled Emotion – Timi Tamminen & Weswac

Every Veiled Emotion – Timi Tamminen & Weswac

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Every Veiled Emotion – Timi Tamminen & Weswac

?01. Every Veiled Emotion (Interlude)
??02. Padding (Homie rapping ruined this one)
?03. Me & My Money
?04. You Don’t Wanna Know
?05. Jealous By Design
??06. Reset
?07. Away
?08. Black Monday
?09. Sins I
??10. Sins II
?11. Sins III
?12. Carte Blanche
?13. On My Own
?14. Your Average Forgotten Tale
?15. John Doe
?16. Insecure
?17. Strong
??18. 21st Century Jesse James
?19. Rush
?20. Politics 101
?21. The Cycle I
?22. The Cycle II
?23. Greedy Piece of Shit
??24. Key (what hes saying is wild)
?25. The Road
?26. Pretty Broken
?27. Ugly Together
?28. Sweet Paranoia
?29. Send Help I
?30 Send Help II
??31. Hear
⌛️32. Every Veiled Emotion (Outro)

Every song is 1:23 and I lowkey love that. Project is strange, will highkey either hit or not. It was a bit inconsistent for me, either it had crazy dope ideas that were ruined, or very off ideas. Some tracks to me were super unique and fun, while some when they started hitting it was ruined by either off raps or someone having too much fun singing. That being said sometimes the singing fun worked and I found myself imitating it. It has allot of variety and in short burts. Highkey channelling his inner Michael Jackson impersonator I was not mad. The production is all over and this project is most definately a ride. I was here for allot of it. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.



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