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The Stars Are Right – Nox

The Stars Are Right – Nox

The Stars Are Right – Nox

🗑1. Nyarlathotep (Messenger)
🚛2. Coverup
🚮3. Quarantine (Foe Here)
🌊4. Ouroboros
🆗5. The King in Yellow

My man raps like the wacky wavy inflatable tube man. Highkey flat earther raps. This the energy of that one awkward kid at the high school dance that does the worm and everyone goes crazy. He never lost that high. He can string together words and it sounds comfortable but also extremely goofy. The content and production is ass. Like a generous amount of raisins in potato salad. Once he finds his bag he could be dangerous but this woke creepypasta reddit energy aint it. Its wild because you can tell he probably could put a song together, but this project comes off as more jokes than anything. Big pass on it, the art and song titles are cool tho if you are into that stuff.
2.5/10 – John D.

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