As Always – TheLupusDeiExperience

As Always – TheLupusDeiExperience

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As Always – TheLupusDeiExperience

?1. Run Away f. Deuce Hennessy
?2. So Special
?3. Get N Tune f. Wrek Greys
?4. Free Mindz f. Roach Clip
?5. Silly Dudes f. General Back Pain
??6. Cruel Intentions f. Killy Shoot
?7. Word of Advice
?8. Love & Affection
??9. The Almighty

Project slides. Hes got a dope voice, delivery and flow. Features came through and the production for the most part is solid. Only issue is it seems like some of these tracks hes just phoning it in. Just riding the beat and not trying to elevate the tracks so some can come off as just ok and sometimes boring. Especially in this field of simple loops, the mix is also a bit quiet I kept raising the volume and just not feeling it hit me. Overall its solid background music but nothing to get too invested in or commit too. Solid but felt lazy. In rotation tho, the talent is here.
7/10 – John D.


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