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Lawyer Fee$ EP – Drent

Lawyer Fee$ EP – Drent

Lawyer Fee$ EP – Drent

🌊1. Lawyer Fee$
👍🏾2. De Facto
💤3. Indictment
🌊4. Jurisdiction
👍🏾5. Still Image
🌊6. Acquittal

Theres some points where hes kinda just rapping and not really flowing with the beats. The beats carry this a bit they are very dope, dark and have mad atmosphere to them. He can rap but he has moments where the bars are a bit weak or hes stretching words uncomfortably to force rhymes. It was enough inconsistencies to make you look for them but not enough to ruin the project completely. The content and pacing was solid tho very dope its just it was a struggle between him keeping the song smooth or taking it away and not getting a fire which he shouldve easily done. This should have been better than it was. Way better.
6/10 – John D.

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