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Whole Lotta Red – Playboi Carti

Whole Lotta Red – Playboi Carti

Whole Lotta Red – Playboi Carti

💩01. Rockstar Made
🔥02. Go2DaMoon f. Kanye West
💩03. Stop Breathing
🗑04. Beno!
🚛05. JumpOutTheHouse
💩06. M3tamorphosis f. 🆗Kid Cudi
🚛07. Slay3r
💩08. No Sl33p
🚮09. New Tank
💩10. Teen X f. Future
💩11. Meh
🚛12. Vamp Anthem
🆗13. New N3on
🗑14. Control
👎🏾15. Punk Monk
🚮16. On That Time
👎🏾17. King Vamp
💩18. Place
😴19. Sky
💩20. Over
🚛21. ILoveUIHateU
💩22. Die4Guy
💩23. Not PLaying
🆗24. F33l Lik3 Dyin

I feel like every line he had to wipe his mouth. 2020 shouldve taken him out. Id gladly deal with people claiming hes a legend over knowing hes around and can possibly make more of this type music. Whole project sounds like ASMR to people sitting on a leather couch. Hot dog shit. Kanye was the only thing good on here. The production had moments but this dude decided to emulate the sounds of his local pet store. He ruined everything by doing too much while still saying nothing. I don’t hate the new age but I absolutely do hate this dude, I don’t understand how he got famous. Yall can keep this.
1/10 – John D.

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