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You Know The Vibes – Fetty Wap

You Know The Vibes – Fetty Wap

You Know The Vibes – Fetty Wap

🆗01. Way Past 12 (ft Monty)
🆗02. Vibes
😴03. Locked in
😴04. Reload
😴05. Mystique
👍06. Attachment (ft Styles P)
🆗07. Gangsta Love
😴08. K.M.
🆗09. I Be On It
😴10. Go Up
😴11. I Swear
😴12. Patience
😴13. Klassic
😴14. Speed

AYO Fetty there’s other words besides baby. This motherfucker literally said “baby” every five words I lost fucking count. All the beats are the same tempo lyrics are repetitive only good track is the one with Styles p and even that shit is EH at best. This whole project is audio NyQuil you may as well have dosed me with ambian and then brought me to a lullaby listening party. The second half picks up a little bit this shit still a terrible display hang it up bro this ain’t it at all.
3/10 – JW

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