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Adventures in Grouchland – Cristo

Adventures in Grouchland – Cristo

Adventures in Grouchland – Cristo

📺01. Grouchland Introduction
🔥02. Reddi Rock
🌊03. Super III
📽04. Cause I’m good at It (Skit) Street Life Intro
👍🏾05. Street Life 413
🔥06. Fresh 2 Death f. D. Days
🔥07. My Ride or Die
🗣08. Movin’ Eights (Skit)
🔥09. Northside Homicide f. Jayso Vvid
💤10. Hit Ya Chest
👎🏾11. Bueno Dias
🎞12. Thrown Talk (Skit)
🌊13. God King

Project was solid. Very gritty and dark. Street shit for sure, rap wise and production wise. There were some points where the quality dumbed down a bit or the songs got a bit boring but it was only like a few tracks out of the 9 tracks (there was a few skits) on here. I wasnt mad tho when it slapped it slapped and gave you darkness from where he is from and he was rapping his ass off, cold voice and delivery. Features also added to it to. Not bad at all in rotation.
7/10 – John D.



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