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The Last Day Of Summer – Yeezy$world

The Last Day Of Summer – Yeezy$world

The Last Day Of Summer – Yeezy$world

👎🏽01. DND: Goodbye To My Hoes
🆗02. Be Alone (feat. J Marsh)
👎🏽03. Flex (feat. Booku Debonaire)
🆗05. Indecisive
😴06. Entanglements
🆗07. Famous (feat. Kap & J Patt)
👎🏽08. Extension (feat. Kado)
🚮09. Wild Out
🆗10. Chopstick (feat. Beat Champ)
👎🏽11. Personal Problem (feat. Cet Dollar)
👍🏾12. Wassup (verse 🔥 hook 🚮)
🚛14. Lose My Mind
🚮15. High Enough
🎞16. Your Time Skit
🔥17. Your Time

Ok…where to start…
The good is that the beats for the most part are bops. His beat selection was very much him and you can tell he wanted each beat to fresh out the story he was trying to tell. Also he’s a good rapper when he wants to be some tracks showed that where other tracks was like where that other guy go. The bad is that the hooks are forgettable. They’re not catchy they’re a waste of space. He needs to write better hooks. The features were also forgettable. And the story he was aiming for would’ve been dope but he failed to execute. Cut some songs fix the hooks this is a good album…
5/10 – LP



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