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The Beast of the East – Brotha Meech

The Beast of the East – Brotha Meech

The Beast of the East – Brotha Meech

🚮01. Joe College
👎🏾02. Sean Price Back
🚛03. One More Time
👍🏾04. The Journey
😴05. Another Mission
👎🏾06. Me & You f. Rachel Mershon
🚮07. The Brunch Jam f. Rachel Mershon
💤08. The Beast of the East
🆗09. Maybe f. Rachel Mershon
👎🏾10. Flyin’ High
😴11. Office Politics

Highkey the wackest but most confident bars I have heard all year. This project called me youngblood in so many ways. This is 11 tracks of someone rapping like Will Smith on family guy. The production is ok but this dude being stuck at the ground zero of rap is wild to me, just rhyming dad jokes and useless dad facts. Its stiff, at points I was laughing (not because I was having fun), and homegirl singing dialed it on the tracks she was on. Its rough, the best way to put this is, when movies are about a rapper, and he always records a rap song himself but clearly writers wrote it, but with a budget. Now picture that in movie song as an album.
.5/10 – John D.



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