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The Return – 100grandroyce & 183rd

The Return – 100grandroyce & 183rd

🔥1. Open Arms
🌊2. The Rose That Grew from Concrete
🔥3. The Hilton
🌊4. Deeper Than Rap
🔥5. In a Lifetime f. Elcamino
🔥6. This How It Feels
🌊7. Get These Ones
🌊8. Stay

Project slides. This is a good time, nothing crazy no flash just dope old school smooth beats samples and straight to the point raps. It felt effortless, just something to drop because they wanted to flex they craft. 100grand just sliding and 183rd putting together some gold. It felt very vintage front to back. Its very short too so this can be looped easily, sounds like something to smoke to. In rotation.
7.5/10 – John D.



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