80’s Baby EP – ChuckBrownLyrics

80’s Baby EP – ChuckBrownLyrics

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?1. Intro (Payola)
?2. 80’s Baby
?3. Nothing Left
??4. Ultra Violent (Hook messed this one up for me)
?5. Unforgiven

Project is a good time. The content highkey spoke to my soul, strange how someone from another world than you can have so much in common even if its a short ep. He highkey sounds like he took a bite of food before he started rapping on every song, or like he got cotton mouth. This works, the production was cold, the content and pacing was cool and its short so you can replay it easily. Minus one bad hook which was immediately redeemed by a dope chopped up hook this is pretty solid, wouldve been elevated with some contrast but overall it carries itself. Quality is clean too, hes got the energy of someone who would snap on a feature. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.



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