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Read – AnthonyxJohn

Read – AnthonyxJohn

Read – AnthonyxJohn

🌊01. Intro
🔥02. AnthonyxJohn f. Nikmoody
🌊03. Jennifer
🔥04. Hasani f. C. Matteo
🔥05. Gregory f. 🌊Choof
😂06. Al (Skit #1) f. Al Smith
🌊07. Jenna f. Grace Kinstler & Joda Omi
🔥08. Barb f. Passport General
🚒09. Antonio
🔥10. Becky
🔥11. Dante f. Buddy Lofton
🔥12. Don f. Pack2sour
😂13. Al (Skit #2) f. Al Smith
🌊14. Alexus f. Morgan Britt, Latte & Big Kev
🔥15. Victoria f. Choof & King E
🌊16. Vincent
🌊17. Outro

Dude can fucking rap. Project is a bit long but it has it all at a very high level. He can rap, different flows, cool voice, its got hooks dope features, all of the beautiful production, its got aggression, its got real, its got lady love, its also got flash and its all done right. He def shines in that old school sample with 808’s bag but he doesnt show any weakness on anything. The features all added more seasoning to the tracks but you wanted to hear him. The content, the pacing it all worked and felt very authentic. Even the skits were welcome and funny. A complete project for sure. In rotation.
8.5/10 – John D.



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