Only For Dolphins – Action Bronson

Only For Dolphins – Action Bronson

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Only For Dolphins – Action Bronson

? 1.Capoeira f. Yung Mehico
? 2.C12H16N2
? 3.Latin Grammys
? 4.Golden Eye
? 5.Mongolia f. Hologram & Meyhem Lauren
? 6.Vega
? 7.Splash
? 8.Sergio
? 9.Shredder
? 10.Cliff Hanger
? 11.Marcus Aurelius
? 12.Hard Target

Action really doesn’t sound like he enjoys rapping anymore. He sounded bored on this and the production matched. He added zero seasoning on them, but what saved some of these tracks were his lyrics and the humor he brings to his cadence on some records. It’s not a bad album, but it’s not good either. I was waiting for something to slap, and then it ended. It sounds like he only made this because he felt he needed to.
5/10 – D



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