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Eto Brigante – Eto

Eto Brigante – Eto

Eto Brigante – Eto

🔥01. Walberto
🔥02. Pool Hall Scene
🚒03. Training
🔥04. Old Hunnits
🔥05. Latin Scene
🔥06. Smoke Break
🔥07. David Kleinfeld
🔥08. Benny Blanco Club Scene
🚒09. Button Up
🎞10. Ending Scene Skit
🔥11. The Last Call

Project is like listening to a short story paying homage to every hip hoppers favorite hood classics. This feels vintage, it feels gritty, but also feels polished, effortless and slaps. He can rap his ass off, when someone can make me make faces with lines that come off as simple, they can rap. The skits, the pacing, the production, the raps, and the length all make sense. This was made to drive around to, or to bump at home for the silent lunatics and hood killers that don’t say much. In rotation for sure.
9/10 – John D.

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