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Midnight Memories EP – Cream Bandz

Midnight Memories EP – Cream Bandz

🚛1. Fly Away
👎🏾2. Livin’
💤3. Sunsets in L.A.
🌊4. Snowglobe
👍🏾5. Feeling Sober
🌊6. Wanted

Project is for cats who crymax from eskimo kisses. Its got its mix of soft serve and confetti cake. To get the good out the way tho its all clean and production is nice. After that tho you have zero originality zero substance, the most rinse and repeat every mainstream and wanna be mainstream rapper has said these bars ever. Its boring, cookie cutter melodies, sounds, hooks, and also just sounds frail. Music is for dudes who are the victim in physically abusive relationships.
3/10 – John D.


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