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Certified Hitmaker (AVA Leak) – Lil Mosey

Certified Hitmaker (AVA Leak) – Lil Mosey

Certified Hitmaker (AVA Leak) – Lil Mosey

🌊01. Blueberry Faygo
🌊02. Top Gone f. Lunay
🌊03. Back at It f. Lil Baby
🌊04. Stuck in a Dream f. Gunna
🔥05. G Walk f. Chris Brown
🌊06. Live This Wild
🔥07. So Fast
🆗08. Never Scared f. Trippie Redd
👍🏾09. Rose Gold
🆗10. Speed Racin
🌊11. Bankroll f. AJ Tracey
👍🏾12. Jet to the West
🌊13. Rockstars
👍🏾14. Dreamin
🌊15. See My Baby
👍🏾16. Space Coupe
🌊17. Kari’s World
🔥18. Bands out that Roof
🔥19. My Dues
😴20. Focus on Me

Bad out the way, project is way too long and repetitive. Would’ve been better with 10 tracks or more removed. That being said everything it does it does well, hits that quality and industry (mainstream) standard right on the button. Quality, features, catchyness and vibe is here. New age for sure, outside of that content, pacing, cohesiveness is lacking heavy. Not bad for parties background music even some drives depending on your mood but if you looking for something to dive into it, this wont do it. Solid release tho. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.


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