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Heavyweighters EP – Da Fridge & Thaddeus Fathead

Heavyweighters EP – Da Fridge & Thaddeus Fathead

🌊1. Back to the Basics
👍🏾2. No Secrets (Hook needed a lil fixing)
🌊3. I Don’t Believe Her
🌊4. Southern Commandments

Project was solid. The production was a good time and they both came on here rapping. Sometimes the raps had some stale moments and one of the hooks couldve been shifted or bedazzled just a little bit (thaddeus master this singing hook thing because if it works it will be heat). The contrast is dope, you have your heavy chopped flow from Fathead and Fridge sliding, but highkey im upset he sound skinny. Not bad tho, I def can see them doing more together and it just getting better from here. In rotation.
6.5/10 – John D.


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