Afrostreet 2 – Napoleon Da Legend

Afrostreet 2 – Napoleon Da Legend

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Afrostreet 2 – Napoleon Da Legend

?01. Afrostreet 2
?️02. Coup d’Etat
??03. Plus 1 (ft. Danny Skyhigh McClain?)
?04. Bomaye 2
?05. Too Much (ft. Chris Akinyemi?)
?06. 16 Bit
??07. Please Help (ft. Jennifair?)
?08. Can’t Deny (ft. M-A-B?)
?09. Reckless (ft. BBass?)
?️10. Burn Babylon
?11. Favorite Show
?12. Coelacanthe
?13. Bruk It Up (ft. Sam Diem?)
?️14. Afro-Pill
?15. For My Folks
?16. I Wanna Touch (ft. BBass?️)
?17. Passe-temps d’un Dieu
?18. Love Song (ft. BBass?, and Evie?)
?19. Flowers for the Living

When I saw that there was 19 tracks on this, I thought I was gonna be disappointed but I came out of this surprised. My mans here is like the Pitbull of rap. Bringing it back to the early 2010’s with some super wavy ass club joints with some fresh features. Some of the songs may be to stretched out, but that doesn’t ruin the 1 you spend listening to this. I’m wit it.
7/10 – Drake k.


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