Little Planet – Rvdical the Kid

Little Planet – Rvdical the Kid

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Little Planet – Rvdical the Kid

? 1.Familiar
? 2.Often (ft. Nonso Amadi)
? 3.Skimp on the shrimp
? 4.Rosemary (ft. Maesu)
? 5.Nasa

I couldn’t tell what this was. I don’t know if this was suppose to be a beat tape or an artists tape. From the art and track names I had completely different expectations, but honestly I wasn’t disappointed. It was different, and that’s exactly what I feel it was suppose to be. It had some spacey vibes and the singers did their thing. The artists kept the vibes strong, the production was fresh and unique, and the quality was well done.
7/10 – Rønin


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