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Collection Plate – Mafiosa

Collection Plate – Mafiosa

Collection Plate – Mafiosa

🔥01. Noah’s Ark
🎞02. The Word (Skit)
👍🏾03. The Offering f. 👎🏾Black Geez
🌊04. Faith Has No Limits (Master P)
🔥05. Kane & Abel
🌊06. Party Gates (Summertime Fine)
🙌🏾07. The Word Again (Skit)
🌊08. Giving Thanks
🔥09. Hallelujah
😈10. The Word Again After That (Skit)
🔥11. God Fearing Sinner

Project is dope. Straight to the point. Dope production, some of that dope street negative rap. One feature was a dud he didnt need. Other than that it all worked pacing, the skits and the energy. Very vintage, very aggressive and relevant. I also rocked with the simple hooks and such. Nothing really bad outside of the feature, couldve used a solid like anthem type banger but either way its short, replayable and dope. In rotation.
7.5/10 – John D.


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