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Milestones – Skyzoo

Milestones – Skyzoo

Milestones – Skyzoo

🔥 1.Memory Serves Me
👍 2.At Least I Got One
🌊 3.Turning 10
🔥 4.Duffle Bag Weekends (ft. Ashtin Martin)
🔥 5.Eyes Wide Shut
🚒 6.A Song For Fathers
👍 7.Duly Noted

Skyzoo isn’t for the simple minded. If you listen to the words he says you can get lost in them, and that’s because of how educated his lyrics really are. This project was a vibe, and when it ended I felt uplifted and as if I learned a little something. The production felt golden, the lyrics and delivery were great, and the quality was crisp. Very nice project.
8.5/10 – D1C3


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