Cookin’ Up a Come Up! – Chef Corey

Cookin’ Up a Come Up! – Chef Corey

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Cookin’ Up a Come Up! – Chef Corey

??01. Intro
?02. On Go f. TNW KR
?03. Testimony
?04. 2b2bs f. ZannyDaKing (song is so quiet)
?05. Sensei
?06. Social Distancing
?07. Kawhi f. ?Hunnid $tackz
?08. Feeling Myself
?09. Highs & Lows
??10. The One
??11. From the Bottom
?12. Gettin’ Figures

Off rip he sounds like a Yugioh fan. The production might be the only real thing that was ok on this. His raps, his delivery, his bars, his content everything was wild stiff and wild corny. The delivery alone took me out, even if he was saying some real dope shit It wouldnt have moved me. Dude makes music for black males who have zero basketball skills, or 0 athletic ability. This is “my neighbor sells weed” music. No replay value, honestly first listen was a bit painful and its long. If he can clean up his delivery and actually try to write bars, he might be able to bring his production to life. Till then, I would say pass but he probably wouldnt catch it or even know how to toss it.
2/10 – John D.


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