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Red Flu – Young M.A.

Red Flu – Young M.A.

Red Flu – Young M.A.

💤1. Dripset
👎🏾2. Quarantine Party
🚛3. Trap or Cap
🗑4. Angels vs Demons
👍🏾5. Savage Mode
🚮6. Bad Bitch Anthem
😴7. 2020 Vision

Project is very boring. It might be safe to throw Shim Jones in the one hit wonder category, maybe even in the maybe its payola bracket. Its not good, it just back to back boring tracks with the same boring monotone through the grillz flow raps. She sounds exhausted. Beats are shot. When things are actually attempted at adding effects its trash. The content is wild confused, mostly brag rap about bitches. If I was ever around NY and heard someone bumping this, I would follow them, wait till they parked and do whatever I have to do get they car towed. Throw this one out.
1/10 – John D.


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