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Gorilla Twins – Gorilla Twins, Ill Bill & Nems

Gorilla Twins – Gorilla Twins, Ill Bill & Nems

🦍01. Guerrilla Twins
🔥02. Married to the Game
🔥03. Wolves f. Vinnie Paz
🔥04. Highs & Lows
🔥05. Bong!
🔥06. Supply & Demand
😂07. Twinning
🌊08. Nah f. Alexandra Casula
🔥09. Shootout at the Cyclone f. Lord Goat
🔥10. Gunners
🔥11. Pay Homage
🔥12. Adios f. Immortal Technique & D.V. Alias Khrst

This magnum will put a shot in Tom Selleck’s back. Whole project is filled with this like this. Nothing but angry aggressive raps. All the haymakers, scary voices, punchlines, and fight music that we honestly could need to hold us down for a minute. The contrast, the back and forth, the features, the production. Everything on this was hitting with heavy ass hands. In heavy rotation. The art is also top tier.
8/10 – John D.


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