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Keep it Jungle – Jungle Brothers

Keep it Jungle – Jungle Brothers

👍🏾01. Live & Direct
🌊02. Yeah!
👍🏾03. Get Dirty
🌊04. Woah!
🌊05. Where You At?
🌊06. Red Cup
👍🏾07. Broken Records
🆗08. Smart Phones
🌊09. Bgirls & Bboys
🌊10. Top

Project was refreshing. It was that old old school sound but with the polish of the now. Very vintage, very fresh, but also had big cookout energy. Felt like I was at an old school family bbq mastering my plate knees. If you know you know. Production was solid, raps were fun, I can use the word dated even on some tracks but it wasnt bad. It did what it had to do and felt like it wasnt here to prove anything. Fun vibe, fun pace, short listen and just an all around dope vibe album. Reminded me that hip hop can and mostly is a celebration.
In rotation.
7/10 – John D.


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