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Dirty Laundry 2: Skipper – Little Vic

Dirty Laundry 2: Skipper – Little Vic

🔥 1.Dellacroce
🚒 2.Gerry Lang
💎 3.John Stanfa
🚒 4.Tommy Agro
😂 5.Indictment Skit
🔥 6.Christy Tick
🔥 7.Billy Cutolo
🔥 8.Gallo Brothers

I do NOT like giving 10’s, this project came to my house, beat my ass and stole the 10, and got away with it. This project is absolute GAS. Production, Lyrics, Delivery, Flow, Presence are all perfect. If you like hip hop and haven’t heard this then get your shit together. On my permanent playlist.
10/10 – D1C3


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