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Brighton – Prince Perez

Brighton – Prince Perez

🔥01. Intro(ft zayReal)
🔥02. Built For The Pre$$ure
🔥03. All The $moke (ft WhoisBravy , Flukey & Frank Nitti)
🔥04. New Brighton Drive-By (ft Flukey)
🌊05. Ma$k and Glove$
🚒06. $traight Fact$
🆗07. New $hoe$
🌊08. 1am in Harlem
🌊09. Legacy 👑

My guy out here dropping dimes and spitting digestible but content filled bars I’m here for this. Literally only one track that I wasn’t super feeling and even then there’s not a bad track to be found. Production is super clean this shit is radio ready as far as the way it sounds. We got a touch of woke content some flexing and a dash of some street bars Put a bow on this and ship it out it’s ready for public consumption.

8/10 – JW


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