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Sewer Steam EP – Casket D.

Sewer Steam EP – Casket D.

Sewer Steam EP – Casket D.

🔥1. Noodles
🔥2. Still Shadowboxin’
🌊3. No Room 4 Oxygen f. Un-Kasa, JayCinaster & Packs
🔥4. The Unmovable Outfit / Azul Magic
🔥5. The Great Debate f. Large Amount
🔥6. Jungle

Project slaps. This project is very hip hop, and it is very New York. There was a time when you didnt have to mention both together. The production slaps, Casket was out here snapping, the features all came with it, tho that 3rd track was a little long it still is nice. It worked, pacing was solid, its short with mad replay value. It has a bunch of what hip hop needs in a small package. In rotation for sure.
8/10 – John D.


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