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L4zy Town – LZee

L4zy Town – LZee

L4zy Town – LZee

📞1. Intro
👍🏾2. Elementary
👍🏾3. Man of Steel f. P From Lee
🌊4. What’s Mine
📞5. Skit 2
🔥6. Expectations
🌊7. Nothing but Vibes
🆗8. All Black Nikes
🌊9. Wanted 2B

So seeing the cover I felt I was mislead. This is not new age weed raps garbage. This is actually well rounded new age bruv raps. Beats were dope, to the point where they felt fresh and different. He was rapping his ass off but also layed down some catchy hooks with some autotune and such. Not everything was a hit but when it wasn’t sliding it showed promise and that he still knew what he was doing. All around solid, nice pacing, pretty short, replayable, and it is definitely something you can vibe too but at home because we practicing social distancing. Very solid release. In rotation.
6.8/10 – John D.

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