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To Whom It May Concern – Rapper T-Smith

To Whom It May Concern – Rapper T-Smith

🌊01. When I’m Gone
🌊02. Scared To Fly (ft Felt Five)
🔥03. No Survivors (ft Rapper Big Pooh)
🌊04. life Isn’t Fair
🎶🌊05. No Cosign
🔥06. New Levels
🔥07. Killa Cam
🌊08. See You In My Dreamz

Project is a solid body of work dudes not out here on some miracle spiritual lyrical shit but he’s got some shit to say some dope messages sprinkled into the music. My guy has a dope voice was in the pocket the whole time I fucked with the second half of the project a little more then the first mostly for track 6 and 7 but this whole album is dope check him out.
7.8/10 – JW

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