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Lost Treasures – Onyx

Lost Treasures – Onyx

Lost Treasures – Onyx

💤01. Black Hoodie Rap f. Makem Pay
👎🏾02. Boy Still Got It f. 🤣Bobby Brown
🌊03. Face Off f. Drag-On
🔥04. Gansta Buster f. Mad Lion & Begetz
🌊05. Going in for the Kill f. Layzie Bone
🌊06. I Can’t Breathe f. Samuel L. Jackson, KRS-One, 👎🏾Mad Lion, Talib Kweli & Brother Jay
😴07. Celebrate f. Layzie Bone
👍🏾08. Think U Iller Than Me f. Big Pay Bacc & Budda
👍🏾09. Outer Space
💤10. SF MF
😴11. Never Going Back (noise)
🚛12. Born 2 Rock

Project had moments. It had moments where the raps and the beats made sense. Also had moments where that was absolutely not the case. Some of the songs were too long too, they couldve been great but they dragged like that I can’t breathe track, get rid of Mad Lion and the intro, boom woulda been a fire or up. Pacing is a mess, the production was cool when smooth but everything else was wild corny. It had some stuff but not enough for a green check. Sidenote is Bobby Brown ok? In rotation.
5/10 – John D.

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