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About Dreams and Monsters – Timi Tamminen & Weswac

About Dreams and Monsters – Timi Tamminen & Weswac

🆗01. Chorus
🆗02. Golden Dreams
👍03. It’s Only Love
🔥04. The Arsonist’s Smile
🆗05. Marauders
🌊06. The Lonesome Rider
🆗07. Casket
🆗08. Crossroads
🆗09. Lights
🆗10. Flood
🆗11. Outro

This is a tough one there’s clearly some choices on here that were stylistic but Idk if they hit every time. Most of the songs feel to long or they sound like they could straight up be two songs. Consistency is off too some Tracks the production is on point mixing is clean but there will be fifteen things happening at once other tracks some of the singing sounds flat or a little pitchy or just sounded like they needed some extra love. I think this needed some more time in the oven and some of the fat trimmed off of it and there’s a dope different sounding project in here.
5/10 -JW

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