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The Bird Trap – Bucket

The Bird Trap – Bucket

The Bird Trap – Bucket

🆗1.Darby Park
🆗3.Family Straight ft. Young Note👍🏼
🔥4.Dead the Rumors ft. Cha$e🔥& Duce🔥
🌊6.Picture Posing
🌊7.Filling Feeling
👍🏼9.Forever Flex
🌊10.Never Did

Dude can snap for sure. Sounds like a hybrid of Chance and Schoolboy Q in their primes. Definitely could have thrown a couple of these out which no doubt took away from the project. But there’s also a lot going right here. Instrumentals are fucking gas. All the singing works. An overall solid half hour of quality.
6/10 -Frank

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