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Black Goat 2 – Sonny Digital & Black Boe

Black Goat 2 – Sonny Digital & Black Boe

🆗1. Work
👍🏾2. Way Up
😴3. Squat
🌊4. A Million (beat put me on a cloud)
👎🏾5. Up
😴6. Life to the Edge
🌊7. Psychedelic Earthquake
🌊8. Wassup f. Skooly & Rich Kidz

Project has ups and downs. All the production is nice, especially when it goes full vibes n effects. Everything else is hit or miss for the most part itll come down to if you are in the mood to listen to a bunch of incomplete sentences and weird pause flow, or just put something on to be background noise. It hits a point where if you listen too much you start to imagine this was made for lightskin cats that smile too much. Its so so for me.
5/10 – John D.

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