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Hit the Latto EP – Mulatto

Hit the Latto EP – Mulatto

Hit the Latto EP – Mulatto

🚮1. Latto
🚛2. No Panties
🌊3. B*tch From Da Souf (Remix) f. Saweetie & Trina
🚮4. Rich Sex
🔥5. Cheerleader
🆗6. See Sum

Project is too southern for me. Leave it to the south to always be extra. This project is for ladies who only take pics with they tongue out, but specifically for the ones who’s tongues is 60% white patch. Whole projects PH level is off. It has moments but thats if and only if you can withstand “my pussy” raps on decent beats with a clean double time flow. If you got a lil ratchet fairy in you that can appreciate this type of aggression then you will like some of this project, you also have to accept that your booty stink, even if its a little. This project is why the south gets a bad rep (that can go either way).
3.5/10 – John D.

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