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Bintage – Bigal Harrison

Bintage – Bigal Harrison

Bintage – Bigal Harrison

🔥2.I Don’t Know
🌊3.Niggas Know
🆗4.All In It
🆗5.Too Much
👍🏼6.Its Like That ft. K.W.O.N. & Joey Gallo
👍🏼10.Word Tour ft. God Goldin & Peyton Ape

Project had me wanting more for sure. Lots of jams that were missing a push. It never got to it’s highest point but also never stooped into thumbs down territory. Certainly some replay value if you like 90s type flows and conservative delivery. Lots of my issues with the tracks I found middle of the road were that they got choppy in multiple areas. Overall all this was solid and I’d be willing to hear more from this guy. Salute.
6.1/10 -Frank

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