Sunsets Over Burning Cities – Corey Loveless

Sunsets Over Burning Cities – Corey Loveless

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Sunsets Over Burning Cities – Corey Loveless

?1. Act 1 – Sunsets
?4.Sunflower ft. J.J. Wølfe
?6.Act ll – Fire
?7.Hard Work ft. Anthony Cannon ?
??10.Five fr. Process & P.s.
??11.Act lll – Ash
?14.Redlight ft. Process
??15.Rose Garden ft. Process

This project had a solid vibe to it. I really think he should have removed all of Act l. It was mad stale compared to the ones following. All the features did their thing too. One of them outshined him by a lot but I’m not mad at that. You want good acts on your project. What kept a lot of it from being great was some choppy wordplay here and there. He also struggled to find his pocket a few times. I’d be willing to give this guy another listen and definitely feel like there is some replay value here from tracks 6-15.
6.5/10 -Frank


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